Thursday, June 3, 2010

UFO Brazil Tour 2010 Report

The legendary British band UFO was in Brazil for the first time. In addition to Sao Paulo, the band also played in Goiania, Recife and Belo Horizonte. The band's current line up includes three members of the classic era: Phil Moog on vocals, Paul Raymond on guitar and keyboards (joined in 1977) and Andy Parker on drums. And lead guitar, Vinnie Moore! He joined the UFO in 2003. Vinnie emerged in the late '80s, an era in prolific technical guitarists. He also played in the Alice Cooper band!
On bass, bassist Barry Sparks replaced Pete Way (of the classic line up), also was replaced by bassist Rob De Luca. Rob played with UFO during their American tour in 2008 and currently member of Sebastian Bach´s band.
The concert was in Sao Paulo at Carioca Club – WOW, an unusual name for a live house in Sao Paulo city, because “Carioca” means Rio de Janeiro!
Hours before the concert the audience was of the old fans, teenagers who like classic rock. Totally mix!
I entered to the room through a side door. Few hours before the show I received a call from Vinnie's roadie, Sylvia Dantonio (my former student, she is a guitar repair woman and guitar technician). One of the Vinnie´s guitars was with a broken tuner!
I went to the Carioca Club earlier to bring spare parts and repair the Vinnie´s guitar.
The band played a selection of classic songs and showed an exciting performance! Set List : Let It Roll, Mother Mary, When Daylights Goes To Town, Out In the Street, This Kids, Cherry, Only You Can Rock Me, Hell Driver,Love to Love, Aint No Baby, Too Hot To Handle, Lights Out, Rock Bottom and Doctor Doctor.
Vocalist Phil Moog continues to sing like the old days. Paul Raymond showed efficiency as rhythm guitarist, Andy and Rob showed an impeccable “cuisine”. As for Vinnie Moore, the expectation was too great and the comparisons with his predecessor Michael Schenker would be inevitable. But he did very well. Vinnie has kept the original licks of Michael, in songs where he really could not modify. He also improvised and imposed his phrasing on others songs that could be modified!
On the beautiful Love to Love, he blended both styles and did a great job. Rock Bottom! He blasts with very technical playing! Regarding the sounds, Vinnie maintained an unique sound pattern!

Backline - Guitars
Dean Vinnie Moore signature model
Lead guitar with translucent red finish. Alder body with quilted maple top. Maple neck and fingerboard, 22 frets higher!
The pickups: Dean DMT Vinnie Moore Signature (bridge) DiMarzio noiselees single (middle) and DiMarzio Fast track1 (neck).
Hardware: Floyd Rose bridge and gold Grover tuners.

Dean Vinnie Moore signature model prototype
Sub- guitar with white finish. Alder Body, maple neck with indian rosewood fingerboard. 22 frets. The pickups: Deam DMT Vinnie signature (bridge) and DiMarzio PAF Pro (neck). Hardware: Floyd Rose bridge and chrome Grover tuners.
Vinnie´s guitars on backstage
Sylvia, Vinnie´s guitar Technician (my ex-student!!!)
Monitor House

Vinnie is sponsored by ENGL amps, but for this tour in Brazil, he rented two Marshall JCM2000 heads and four Marshall cabs 4 x 12 ".

Vinnie uses two delays: MXR Carbon Copy Delay and Boss DD3 Digital Delay in the amplifier´s loop. One is set to short time to give more consistency to the tone and the other is set to provide more depth.
The input of the amp, he uses: Xotic Effects BB Pre-amp/Overdrive, and Jim Dunlop Crybaby Boss TU-2 tuner.
The BB pedal just "pushes" the distortion obtained in the amp´s dirty channel, especially in solos. In the clean sounds, Vinnie uses much the volume knob on the guitar.
Strings and picks
Daddario .010 and Jim Dunlop .88 mm Picks customized.




Thanx to AWO production & management (Fernando, Milton&daughter, Chico, Rodrigo), Sylvia, João Miguel and Miwa Sato.
Pix: Henry, Miwa Sato, João Miguel.

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  1. Very nice Henry, unfortunatly i lost this great show but will keep my eyes open for further shows!!!