Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ernie Ball coated guitar strings

Ernie Ball Slink’s stringing coated line for electric guitar and acoustic guitar.
By: Henry Ho

Many companies are going ahead and producing a long term guitar strings with several technologies and different abilities. Two famous companies utilized the process of an extreme cooling a cryogenics one to decrease the raw material and others manufacturers utilized Teflon layer hyper-fine as string covering. Only Ernie Ball, one of the most well thought companies – took a long time to put a product with this kind of characteristic in the trade.
And when we imagined that there couldn´t have anything to be conceived anymore, the same Ernie Ball innovates it with a peculiar and amazing technology. From all long term stringing, the coated line has a killing timbre and long durability is prove of a plenty running.
Stretching out and running strings.
We chose a reply of a guitar HH Telecaster model to test the new stringing coated a set of .010 calibers. The measure is from the finest to roughest: .010; .013; .017; .026; .036; .046. After put it, we stretch out the strings to fixate the tuning. The initial sense is that we are handling nicely the stringing.
In visual terms the product shows brightness and has a perfect building. The strings marbles has no space and lengths of all are in the right measure.
In relation to sounds one thing that is troublesome for me is an excessive brightness at strings, soon after put them. But, in this case the product showed a balanced sonority and there is not an excessive sharpness – typical characteristic of strings newly taken from the packing.
The maple of the coated line is tough and has tuned a solid sound with excellent dynamic sense. To play the basis, power chords and riffs in a general way, the performing is comfortable and soft.
The fine strings show a cut timbre with good support and attack. The sharp intonation in each scale was perfect.
We tested also strings from coated line to folk acoustic guitar. We settled up a Japanese Yariri acoustic guitar with a set of .011 calibers. The measure is from the finest to roughest: .011; .015; .022; .042; e .052.
The texture of the stringing is softer. The visual aspect is also excellent. In terms of sounds, the feature is a solid grave and hot. The sharp sonority has an amplitude, support and brightness in the right measure.
From all stringing “long term” type, the coated line from Ernie Ball has a good textures. Probably, the additional layer of titanium besides to reinforce the mechanical properties, it supplements the sound with a little bit of harmonics.
As a long term product, the relation cost benefit is greatly good. In terms of durability I am using this stringing for almost two months and also I clean the strings with a dry cloth. The brightness is still intact as visual as sound field.
The coated Slinky line for electric guitar and acoustic guitar utilizes a wrapping that remember energetic drinks. Strings were wrapped one by one in envelopes of recycled paper.

Musical calories
The new manufacturing process of the coated line adopted by Ernie Ball is innovative. All rough strings are covered by micro layer of titanium that will assure the reinforcement and durability – for about five times more than a common one. The flat strings receive an anti-oxidation shield and a fine layer of titanium that minimize the possibility of a string common breaking. Besides the physical and mechanical durability, the stringing shows an excellent tuning, soft touch texture and matchless timbre. A conditioning exemplar sound !

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hard Blast!

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New review of the UFO´s concert in Sao Paulo.
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