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Raven & Steve Grimmett Brazil tour 2010

It was a long time since I left work at concerts. So recently I received an invitation, but I rejected to make a drum tech job for Raven and Steve Grimmett & band. For those who don’t know: Raven is a legendary British band formed in the '70s, which was devoted after the rise of heavy metal in the 80s in the NWOBHM. And Steve Grimmett was vocalist for bands such as Grim Reaper and Lionheart. Steve is another icon of the era.
I've done drum settings a few times and always found it "boring and tiring. And considering that there were two bands with an interval of half an hour, sharing the same drum kit - I wondered it would be like the hassle and rush! I declined and choosed my friend Saulo to replace me, who took the responsibility - would be the second international show for him (the first was with me when we did the bassist Magnus Rosen - former Hammerfall).
The invitation was made to me by a former student of my guitar craft school, Sylvia D'Antonio, - she would be a Guitar Tech of these bands ...
Well, everything was set. My friend Saulo was ready to do the job. After all, he’s Guitar Tech, but also knows the drum settings. All right, all settled between the parties, I was quiet ...
The show was a Saturday (day 13/11/2010 at Carioca Club). Friday night, I dropped the Saulo wishing "good luck" and despite having promised to appear on the show, I gave up going because of personal matters.
On Saturday morning I went to work very early and then when I turned on my cell phone, a couple text’s messages already indicated a setback with to the technical things of the gig. I called the producer Fernando Goulart from AWO promoters... and I got knowing that Sylvia (originally a Guitar Tech of those bands), failed to come to work in concert ....!!!
I had to make a few phone calls and ended up having to replace Sylvia go on the show. I was still in my school during the morning…after spent at home to get changed clothes and get the tool case, which is always ready for any emergency.
Well, the idea was to take an extra person to help us. I called my friend Paula, but she had an engagement. Paula would be nice because she know how to set up a drum, she is guitar “craftwoman”, speaks English and has no bad time for her ... So I had to decide: between calling someone without experience and work in just two techs- well…I decided just me and Saulo!!!
I've given a course of roadie and stage technicians for two years. And the rule is this: how to deal with the unexpected situations and solve problems. That in itself was an unanticipated and a problem. Yeah, I’m back on stage and backstage area again!

The Raven first came over the soundcheck. The guys are friendly and very humble. It is a pleasure to meet people like that. Mark and John hugged me when I told them they were revered in Japan The drummer Joe Hassalvander and Saulo began the drum settings . Saulo although not speak English very good, but he did well with hand gestures. We did the set up of the equipments and gear…I was in my makeshift table by adjusting Mark’ guitars, thinking…It will be a hard job!
Mark brought a couple detonated guitars! a Zoom pedal (for wah and delay only), an A / B box, a power amp by Rocktron, and pre amp rack by Mesa Boogie (Triaxis) and tuner rack from Behringher. He brought his own cables. Mark used two Marshall cabs of four available.
John Gallagher brought two instruments (the legendary red Explorer -and 8-string amazing bass). John uses a microphone for voice-type headset wireless system and also for your basses. He used the Ampeg SVT head with 4 x 10 cab. He brought a pedal Boss GT3 (delays and compressors) in the input of the amp and a rack of SansAmp PSA1 in the loop’s head. The signal is divided into two ways: one for Direct Box and another direct the input of amplifier.
Sound check was cool. The guys are badass! Mark asked me to fix some cables and Saulo memorized the drums setting and we were waiting for the sound checking the next band.
Steve and the band took a while, but when they arrived, we had to make changes on stage. Saulo and the drummer Andrew initiated the changes on drums parts. I was with Marcel (guitar) and Bruno (bass). For Marcel, I selected one of the Marshall head and two remaining speaker cabs. He used only one Boss pedal as a booster for solos. The guitar was a Washburn N4 with the Dimarzio pickups and tuning half step down.
For bassist Bruno I decided to use a another Ampeg head and the main cabinet. But I don’t know why I decided to change (which was a good decision and made a difference then, with to "get time"). Well, I just modified the adjustment of the amplifier and marked the previous settings. Bruno played with a simple adjustment and a Boss Chorus pedal. Sound check went smoothly and we would map out all the sound adjustments (amps) and physical (drums, microphones and pedestals).
After the soundcheck, we finalized things on stage and made a lunch…"pushing sandwiches and potato fries down ours throats."

Saulo was taking pictures and I was checking water bottles, towels and the set-list. Then I went back ….me and Saul to check the settings of amps and guitars and we relaxing with friends who came earlier and were inside the house.
This interval was very short. Soon we were preparing the last details for the presentation of Steve & Band. ….Backstage, onstage, backstage, onstage…dressing room, stage, a run ...
We turn on the amps, set list on the floor, bottles of water on stage, towels, organizing tools on backstage ... etc ...etc…
On the show, do not have much to say. Awesome show! We liked and enjoyed very much. Steve is a charismatic singer and the band was fantastic. Bruno, Andre and Marcel, you rocked!
Before the presentation, Steve gave me a hug of thanks. This kind of thing that makes everything else is very cool!
After this presentation we had just half an hour to set up the next band, Raven!
Change of guitar amplifiers, checking guitar signal, change arrangement of the pieces of the drum, set list on the ground, water, towels, improvisations, replace of guitar’s pot in the last seconds and finally the show begins!
Raven’s live was awesome! They kicked ass! Totally old school and high quality heavy metal stuff! We loved it!
Well, both shows we had to be alert and invaded the stage several times, what can you show us videos and photos. There was very good…well…small stage, two bands, only 2 techs! We did a killer gig!
But in the end, everything worked out and the thermometer is best when producers, bands, artists and even hearing, look for us to say that the work was professional and relevant. John Gallagher sent me a nice message on Facebook, and the Grimmett Band (Bruno and Marcel) have already contacted us after also thanking!
Well, disassembly is terrible. As there would be another event at the house after the show, we had to run…run… fatigue is to dismount, take things to the dressing and arrange everything so that bands could get away. We finished everything, took pictures with everybody and finally me, Saulo, Saulo’s wife and Alex went to dinner…and after….my bed is my kingdom!

Me and Mark Gallagher from Raven!

Saulo and Joe Hassel from Raven

Steve Grimmett band (André, Marcel and Bruno) and me!!!!
Just so you have an idea of what can happen, some situations we faced:
- The sub Marshall head JCM900 Head was burnt. Fortunately there was no need to use it.
- We didn’t know what the configuration of the Raven amps, it was all the kick!
- We hadn’t a map of the drums for both bands. Saulo was based on pictures of the show and the height of the Raven’s drummer! Well, on the configurations of drummer André (Steve Grimmett) had not thought of anything.
- The bass cabinet (Ampeg 4 x 10) was without the front legs, two feet had to improvise with my wood tools.
- A lot noise from the rack tuner(Mark Gallagher). We had to reduce the output gain power and add gain at the mix house.
- I replaced the output jack of the Mark’s guitar!
- I changed the volume pot of the Mark’s guitar!
- Fixed the cable send / return of mesa Boogie Triaxis (Mark).
- Bass amp’s direct box was low with poor contact in the active position of the key, had to improvise a lock.
- We had to put a little piece of wood below on the bass drum pedal …damaged during the presentation of the Raven.
- We had to change the Ampeg SVT head during the Raven’s live by overheating… was lucky enough to have left the sub head near the main system!
-Saulo had to map the positions of a couple drums with a lot of brain memory!
- The Steve Grimmett band's guitarist Marcel was without sub-guitar. Well, still nothing happened, like broken strings!
- My Tuner Korg DT-7 crashed during the Grimmett show. And…returned to normal during Raven’s show'???
- Our lights stopped working simultaneously at a given moment of the show?? Then they went back to work after???
- The guitar cables insisted on shuffle or roll, I had to go on stage several times to unroll them.
- Steve Grimmett brought a folder with the lyrics on the stage ground, we had to come on to get the folder saved!
- A lot of people stormed the stage during concerts. saulo did well with the situation until I call a security guy and put him on stage - because it is not our function.
- Pedestal and microphone went flying off the stage at the Raven’s show. I Almost had to give a "mosh" to retrieve them, but returned saved by a dude in the audience.

More Videos:

Set List - Steve Grimmett:
1. Rock You To Hell
2. Night Of The Vampire
3. Lust For Freedom
4. Wrath
5. Liar
6. Fear No Evil
7. Never Comming Back
8. Rock Until I Die
9. All Hell Let Loose
10. Now Or Never
11. Lay It On The Lies
12. Matter Of Time
13. Final Scream
14. See You In Hell

Set List - Raven
1. Take Control
2. Live At The Inferno
4. All For One
5. Breaking You Down
6. Rock Until You Drop
7. Guitar Solo - Mark Gallagher
8. Speed Of The Reflex / Run Silent, Run Deep / Mind Over Metal
9. Long Days Journey
10.Faster Than The Speed Of Light
11.On And On
12.Don´t Need Your Money
13.Bass solo John Gallagher
14.Born To Be Wild
15.Break the Chain / Symptom Of The Universe /Roadhouse Blues/ Break The Chain
16.Crash Bang Wallop

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Europe Brazil Tour 2010
HSBC Hall - November/05/2010
Pics: Henry Ho

A night of rain and traffic chaos, I avoided going near the vicinity of another big show scheduled for the same day, the rapper Eminem. Fortunately, the rain gave a break and the best was to come! The band came on stage with a delay of "long"ten minutes...LOL. But the wait was worth it! Right away, they detonated the song “Last Look At Eden”, hit of the recent self-titled album!
Band Line up:
Joey Tempest – vocals/guitar
John Norum – Lead Guitar
Mic Michaeli – Keyboards
John Leven – Bass Guitar
Ian Haugland - Drum
For me there are two types of singer. The real singer! People who have a privileged throat, that it is only the voice and voila! Singers like Geoff Tate, Ronnie Dio (RIP!) and Glen Hughes.
And has the type "Frontman" - one that is not as perfect as a singer, but by the simple presence onstage is enough to mesmerize the audience. This is the case of some: Dave Lee Roth, Ozzy and Alice Cooper.

Joey Tempest, lead singer of Europe is inserted into these two categories. It is an excellent singer - perfect for the sticky hard rock style (marked characteristic of the band’s earlies), but knows in his voice sounds louder and agressive. He has a wide and versatile vocal register. Live, he is awesome! As master of ceremonies, Joey captivated the audience showing a lot of charisma and sympathy.
The guitar hero John Norum used and abused the Gibson Les Paul guitars. Norum is one of my favorite guitarists. He is melodic, melancholic and knows how to play fast. …has earned the show!!!

Keyboardist Mic Michaeli was not as charismatic as Norum or Joey, but he is responsible for much of the arrangements. The sounds of the keyboards were perfect.
Bassist John Leven and drummer Ian Haugland were cohesive and heavy! It's the kind of backing that I like to have in my band! Heavy, no-frills and a lot efficient!
The Set List was based on several times of the band. The older songs thrilled the old fans - the band did not change the original arrangements.
Rock The Night, Let The Good Times Rock, “the ballad” Carrie, Seventh Sigh, Wings of Tomorrow, Cherokee, Superstitious and Final Countdown!
And the newer sounds not so enthralled. A pity, because the most recent albuns are very good, lacked some of the songs from the album Start From The Dark, but the audience left satisfied with the concert.
For many guys here in Brazil, was the first time. For me, this was the third time I saw the band. And by the way, I will review them more often!

Joey & Norum

John Leven & Ian Haugland

Mic Michaeli

Set List
Last Look At Eden
The Beast
Rock The Night
Scream of Anger
Let The Good Times Rock
Seventh Sign
New Love in Town
More Than Meets The Eye
Wings of Tomorrow
Forever Travelling
Love is Not The Enemy
Ready Or Not
The Final Countdown