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Europe Brazil Tour 2010
HSBC Hall - November/05/2010
Pics: Henry Ho

A night of rain and traffic chaos, I avoided going near the vicinity of another big show scheduled for the same day, the rapper Eminem. Fortunately, the rain gave a break and the best was to come! The band came on stage with a delay of "long"ten minutes...LOL. But the wait was worth it! Right away, they detonated the song “Last Look At Eden”, hit of the recent self-titled album!
Band Line up:
Joey Tempest – vocals/guitar
John Norum – Lead Guitar
Mic Michaeli – Keyboards
John Leven – Bass Guitar
Ian Haugland - Drum
For me there are two types of singer. The real singer! People who have a privileged throat, that it is only the voice and voila! Singers like Geoff Tate, Ronnie Dio (RIP!) and Glen Hughes.
And has the type "Frontman" - one that is not as perfect as a singer, but by the simple presence onstage is enough to mesmerize the audience. This is the case of some: Dave Lee Roth, Ozzy and Alice Cooper.

Joey Tempest, lead singer of Europe is inserted into these two categories. It is an excellent singer - perfect for the sticky hard rock style (marked characteristic of the band’s earlies), but knows in his voice sounds louder and agressive. He has a wide and versatile vocal register. Live, he is awesome! As master of ceremonies, Joey captivated the audience showing a lot of charisma and sympathy.
The guitar hero John Norum used and abused the Gibson Les Paul guitars. Norum is one of my favorite guitarists. He is melodic, melancholic and knows how to play fast. …has earned the show!!!

Keyboardist Mic Michaeli was not as charismatic as Norum or Joey, but he is responsible for much of the arrangements. The sounds of the keyboards were perfect.
Bassist John Leven and drummer Ian Haugland were cohesive and heavy! It's the kind of backing that I like to have in my band! Heavy, no-frills and a lot efficient!
The Set List was based on several times of the band. The older songs thrilled the old fans - the band did not change the original arrangements.
Rock The Night, Let The Good Times Rock, “the ballad” Carrie, Seventh Sigh, Wings of Tomorrow, Cherokee, Superstitious and Final Countdown!
And the newer sounds not so enthralled. A pity, because the most recent albuns are very good, lacked some of the songs from the album Start From The Dark, but the audience left satisfied with the concert.
For many guys here in Brazil, was the first time. For me, this was the third time I saw the band. And by the way, I will review them more often!

Joey & Norum

John Leven & Ian Haugland

Mic Michaeli

Set List
Last Look At Eden
The Beast
Rock The Night
Scream of Anger
Let The Good Times Rock
Seventh Sign
New Love in Town
More Than Meets The Eye
Wings of Tomorrow
Forever Travelling
Love is Not The Enemy
Ready Or Not
The Final Countdown

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