Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halford Brazil tour 2010

Always playing in big arenas with Judas Priest, I thought Rob Halford deserved to make this concert a larger place and more worthy of your majesty. After all, he is definitely the "Metal God"! Halford and band showed that the location does not matter as much and probably this is the chance of "Metal God" to be closer to the audience, doing shows in places with more intimate environments.
I arrived early with friends and I went to a special place beside the sound mixer and stayed there throughout the show. With a maximum capacity of nearly 2,500 people who flooded the place, the band came in and rocked!
The band's line up:
Rob Halford - vocals
Metal Mike - guitars
Roy Z - guitars
Mike Davis - bass
Bobby Jarzombek – drums

The show started at 9:30 PM and then the introduction, Rob showed who came to hold the throat with heavy sounds! The band was sharp playing the songs.
Metal Mike and Roy Z, the badass duo turns the guitar solos and backing with great competence. I like more about Metal Mike on solos - it has a more refined sense of melody and construction of phrases and licks it's totally "old school" Roy Z plays very fast, but overlaps many licks cliches in cascade…sometimes it´s boring!
Metal Mike already stands out as the main composer of Halford´s solo career. Both he and Roy used a variety of Jackson Flying V's and Roy also played with a Fernandes guitar Ravelle model. Great combination: Jackson guitars + Marshalls amplifiers = made of metal!!!!!!!!!
Bassist Mike Davis used an Ernie Ball / Music Man Sting Ray bass in most songs.
Highlight for drummer Bobby who has been here recently by playing in the band of Sebastian Bach (opening act of Guns'n'Roses tour here).
The house sound was very loud, but I would have done different adjustment - sound w/a little more daring and less bureaucratic in respect of textures.
On the set list only 4 songs from Priest, half cover the cover was ... The Green Manalishi and Diamonds and Rust ...the audience asked for Painkiller, but without success!
The other songs revisited Metal God ´s solo albuns - and focusing on his latest work: Made of Metal.
For those who think that Sunday is to stay home wearing cheaper clothes, watching TV or sleeping ... or just having lunch with family ... The Metal God closed our sunday with a golden key!
Made In Hell
Locked and Loaded
Drop Out?
Made of Metal
Nailed to the Gun
Fire and Ice +
The Green Manalishi (With the Two-Prong Crown)
Diamonds and Rust
There's no Tomorrow
Thunder and Lightning
Cyber World
Heart of a Lion
Pics: Saulo Peghin and Dida