Sunday, June 6, 2010

Vinnie Moore Guitar Clinic on Blackmore Rock Bar - May, 30, 2010

After the Brazil´tour with UFO, Vinnie Moore returned to Sao Paulo to do a guitar clinic on Blackmore Rock Bar. It was a cloudy Sunday, I arrived before the time and met a public of guitarists and some fans . Vinnie arrived shortly before the schedule accompanied by the promoters and guitar tech Sylvia, who also made the translation of questions and answers.
Vinnie played instrumental songs from solo albums: "Time Odyssey", "Meltdown" "Out Of Nowhere" and from the latest album "To The Core."
He played with playbacks and used the UFO`s concert backline: the same amps, pedals and guitars. He explained details and functions of each pedal, adjusting of the amplifiers and some details of the guitars. Technically, Vinnie show us a very expressive musical vocabulary. His phrasing has changed since the "shred era”. He played a lot of pentatonic licks with chromaticism, hybrid picking and used an Ebow on certain melodic riffs. He played some songs of his early career with a lot of harmonic minor scales, arpeggios diminished and melancholy phrases.

Vinnie answered all the questions in a good mood! He spoke of feeling when you accomplished as an UFO´s guitarist – "something surreal become guitarist for a band he admire and "copy " the riffs and solos". He explained how was the first tour with UFO, spoke about the pressure and anxiety. And when approached on the track he did for the Pepsi commercial, he didn´t remember how to play that solo! Vinnie said he doesn´t know Brazilian music very much and then ended the workshop playing the beautiful "Meltdown." After the clinic, he autographed CDs and took photos with all the people. Vinnie went to the south of Brazil to do more guitar clinics followed by Hangar´s drummer, Aquiles Priester.

Shred Soloing!!!


Me and Vinnie!
Pix: Henry Ho, Miwa Sato

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