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Dr Jivago

Dr Jivago
It was in the dawn when I saw this movie for the first time, at Globo´s channel when I was sixteen. I was impressed with the drama, a picture and music. Then, I remember to see it for many times, always at the dawn, till get it recorded in VHS. When I was in Japan in 1989, I rented the original American version and legend was in Japanese language. That is, this version allowed me to listen to original voice (since my copy was dubbed).
I recorded the original version as soon as “I had time” I watched the movie as was the first time.
When I came back to Brazil in 1998 the VHS tapes are not with me anymore (were damaged or moldy in 1994 or 1995). By DVD launching occurred I bought and finally I can see it at my time.
I have two DVD´s (one will be sealed and my store and other to any eventuality)…
I am Omar Sharif’s fan and especially Julie Christie (from her I have many DVD´s).
Dr Jivago is an epic movie based on Boris Pasternak´s homonymous romance. Issued in 1958, the masterpiece was considered as audacious challenger in time of Russia’s censorship and repression.
The drama will tell you poet doctor´s saga and shared by two loves. The background scenery will show you the Russia’s revolution (transition period from Russia Czarist to Bolshevik) soon after the first big world war. That is, devastated Russia full of social contrast, chaos, cleansing and on the verge of civil war.
Narrative is an anachronous made by Yevgraf character (Alec Guinness). He is a red army general who is looking for your half-brother´s niece Iuri Jivago interpreted by Omar Sharif. All Iuri´s Jivago life paths are shown on screen.
Jivago is an intellectual human doctor a guy divided by two women Tonya (Geraldine Chaplin), he got married with her who knows her since the childhood and Lara (Julie Christie) whose he strongly loves. Iuri and Lara will life an odyssey of meets and fail lead by destiny and especially an uncontrolled sense or a sorrow comprehension by each other. The movie is directed by David Lean and show a scene of intense poetic richness, unforgettable remarkable moments.
Awards: Oscar for best adapted screenplay, art director, pattern, soundtrack (Maurice Jarre), best movie, best director, supporting actor (Tom Courtenay) sound and issue.
In 2002 was done a movie re-issuing for TV in series HBO format. This version is real to book and can show us the following actor, actress:
Hans Matheson (Iuri Jivago), Keira Knightley(Lara) and Sam Neill(Victor Komarovsky) and Alexandra Maria Lara(Tonya).
This television version is really real and well produced. However, no doubt, the original one is my preference.

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