Sunday, September 26, 2010

Expomusic 2010

I want to thank everyone who has been with me through this Expomusic 2010. It is very gratifying to know that you follow my work - whether as a musician, guitar builder and guitar magazine columnist. I am very honored and happy with all this openness. At the musicians who gave me CDs and DVDs, I hear and see soon! I´ll post here on the blog, my impressions about it! My students... it's always good to see you all!

I thank the following companies, professionals and artists:
Equipo (Marcão, Wilsão, Koji, Kadooka, Harrison, Larrisa, Alex, Jean...outros), Pride Music(Viola, Sergio), Royal Music, Habro (Leandro), Guitar Player Brazil Magazine (Teresa, Jaques Molina, David Hepner, Flavio Gutok), Música e Mercado Magazine (Duda, Carla, Daniel), Comando Rock Magazine (Marcão), NIG STRINGS (Marcão, Majú), Andy Timmons, Eagle (Daniel, Pedrão, Charlie), Hard Alexandre, Andrés Recasens, Vera Kikuti, Snake (Cláudio), luthier Pablo & Wife, Deval (Alberto), Joe Moghabi, Clement Zular, Bruno Maia (Tuatha de Danann), Edu Ardanuy, Bose (Klaus, Edinho, Miguel), Sound Maker Amplifiers(Carlinhos), Basso Straps (Marcão, San Campos), Rafael Bittencourt, Pierre & Betty (AlôArtista), Dema K, Marcos DeRos, Ricky Furlani, Rafael Nery, Pedro Wood, Sound on Sound Magazine, Roadie Crew Magazine (Tonão), Meteoro Amplififers (Zé Luis), Cover Guitarra Magazine friends, Wolf Music (Sandro), Luciano Renan (Giannini), Ozielzinho, Yamaha Music (Vera), Roland, Quanta, Pro Shows, Antoniel Up Gospel, Italo&Angela, David Vincent (Morbid Angel), Marcelo Severo&Wife, amigos do Facebook, amigos do Orkut, Chris Jarrouge, Vivi, Fabinho Rock Studio, sêo Tito (lightning staff), Gera, Darkest Seed, Fabio Laguna, fiéis amigos de labuta dia-a-dia (Pauleira, Lú, Felipe, Claudim), Endo, Polacow, Airton Mann, Favoretti's pedals, Deep Trip Land Menegozzo, Panta, Gustavo Benedetti & friends, Limão, Rita, Déia, Zezo Ribeiro and friends of Promosom!!!
The guys who took pictures with me ... if they want to send me:
I will post the photos here and on Facebook, etc ...

More pics about the Expomusic:
News ... Basso straps is my new sponsor!
thanks you all guys!
me, Pauleira, Luciano (giannini)

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