Thursday, August 26, 2010

Precision Bass

Hi Folks!
It's been a while I builded this bass, but just now... I had time for pictures ...
I'm more a fan of Precision bass than Jazz Bass model!!!
Nothing against the JB,nation just I think the Precision is the best design: simple and basic!

I´m not a bass player...anyway...if you need a good one to play hard rock and can call me!!!

body: marupá (brasilian wood - similar to alder, but the sound is more less low.
neck: maple
fingerboard: jacaranda (brasilian rosewood)
hardware: gotoh
pickup: Malagoli/Sound PB Alnico custom shop...great pickup!!!
pickguard: acrilic
1 vol, 1 tom, jack and slaps!!!

gotoh tune machines and spaguetti logo!!!

machines, woods, craftman, precision and a lot dust!

1 comment:

  1. muito show !! nao vejo a hora de voltar a fazer isso ...
    Salomao Yen