Sunday, February 6, 2011

Marshall JCM800 Head REPLICA!

It was time that I had no news of my friends, Robert Gabriel, Silmara and Iris ... ... all of Hobbertt Technology Company that sponsors me with guitar effects pedals! They came to visit me at my luthiery school!
And they brought me a replica of the legendary Marshall JCM800 head series for testing. The version is the JCM 800 2203, known as MK2.
It is also the version used by Zakk Wylde, with some additional increments.Roberto made some modifications to the original design on request! This one is custom made!
The HBT 800 model is 50-watts, 2 x SV6555 Svetlana power tubes, 3 x Sovtek 12 AX7 pre tubes, Trans hand-rolled by Hobbertt, the sockets are ceramic, the plate is in fiberglass, the circuit is point-to-point (PTP), glass panel with LED illumination (on request) or be a standard panel type. Like the current model of Marshall Zakk´s signature, this HBT 800 has PCI-loop circuit with bypass switch and level control signal. Fuses are individual for each power tube - which ensures greater safety and LED indicators, on failure of every tube. The switch impedance is 4ohms or 8 ohms. And any kind of change or “mod” can be request and made to the user.
Clean sound - very articulate and more bright than the original. And the simple reason for entering power tubes SV6555, which “spawn” more gain than the original EL34. I liked this channel. It is possible to play different styles with good sound options! The presence control is responsive! Effects like chorus, flanger, phaser, added on this channel is a fun! If you want to use distortion, always use high gain model!
Drive channel – it´s easy to find the Marshall´s DNA on this channel! I had a great time playing this amp and remembering my first JCM800 that I bought in Japan! This HBT800 is an excellent option for anyone who wants the classic Marshall taste!.... but adjust the treble and presence control in ZERO!!! ... just like that Marshall works without being nosy but ... Roberto can fix it (just ask a mod ... what it does).
A good overdrive pedal is enough to "push" to gain more playing heavy stuff ... or metal pop, hard rock, hard blues to extreme metal ... but the distortion of the channel itself is already pretty decent to make rhythm and soloing!!! For me, as I like a little more gain... a pedal drive is appropriate. The loop on the back is pretty cool ... is the modern look of the device, among other details. This configuration of power tubes rather reminded my Marshall Slash signature with KT-88 tubes. I liked a lot!!!! .... and I recommend!!!!!

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