Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Find a new Stradivarius??? - text by Henry Ho

One more person asked me to evaluate a possible Stradivarius violin. 99,9% are counterfeit. I have already seen several instruments that are quite similar. Always similar history or commonplace: relative that caught from Italy, instrument that was kept with family by years and excited a “suspicious” interest of the son violin teacher, wife or nephew. The same tiresome talk… and repeating. That is, it´s improbable to be a genuine Stradivarius, it´s a counterfeit (99, 9% right). The label can not prove it. Can easily suffer adulteration. If I had to examine, I will be available, but it will cost expensive. In the affirmative case, the correct procedure is to send the possible Stradivarius to an international technical mastership (following international rule). The cost will be placed into owner account, however, it´s possible to negotiate and have an extremely positive report. In the negative case, only not. It´s very simple. People can´t understand or don´t have enough culture to understand it. Such procedure is an international standard. It´s not nice only professional thing. At last, a new Messias discovery, a Viotti, or a new Khevenhuller (Stradivarius violin names) is related to dollars full of zeros. It´s a serious thing and entirely foreseeable the counterfeit will also through decades and centuries to deceive whatever.
People fell offended when I tell what I need to. 99, 9% are counterfeit. And evaluation cost is expensive and technical mastership cost will be placed into owner account. They always follow me and ask for a service and also want to convince me that the Stradivarius is authentic (with a few history consistencies).
I should tell that the probability is good. History factor are favorable. My technical mastership is free and international technical mastership will be placed in my own account or be an international entities cost. The occasional owner could be a new millionaire.
People say that we need a new Stradivarius. If 99, 9% is against, find a genuine Stradivarius here is improbable 101 %. In time, even if an illustrious copy, such a Vuillaume the improbability will still be high.
Yo Yo Ma and Davidov cello, made in 1712. The same Yo Yo Ma, forgot the instrument inside the taxi in New York… he picked it up later on...

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